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May 21, 2019
AcademIAS-247- Ramadan Bazaar

Dear Parents,

Greetings from International Academic School.

We are happy to announce that IAS will host the first Ramadan Bazaar to fundraise a clean water project for Dubai Care.

In this holy month, IAS would like to provide the opportunity for students to celebrate the spirit of Ramadan by organizing an event where students bring items which they no longer need any more and could be beneficial for others. Students may bring and submit the items such as Books, CDs, Toys, Souvenirs (avoid sharp and heavy items) to their Homeroom Teacher/ Class Adviser from Wednesday 22/05/2019 to Monday 27/05/2019.

The Student Council students along with Grade 11, Business students will organize the Bazaar and make it ready to take place on Tuesday 28/05/2019 to display and sell the collected items to students for a cheap price. We are looking to fundraise 5000dhs to support Dubai Care Clean Water Project 2019 in this holly month.

Thank you in advance for supporting our vision to help those in need.



Janet DesJardins

School Principal
International Academic School