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September 11, 2017
Books and Uniform Letter

Dear Parents,

Greetings from International Academic School, Dubai.

Welcome back to school! I'm excited about the opportunity to get to know you, and I'm looking forward to a successful and a happy year.


Just like last year, you will receive a list of books and journals (copybooks) which students will be using throughout this academic year 2017-2018. The lists will be distributed according to the attached schedules for books and uniform distribution.


To improve students’ attainment and progress in internal assessments as well as external assessments like MAP and CAT4 (which are required by KHDA), kindly, note that for the English Core subjects; i.e. English Language Arts, Mathematics and Science, the school has invested in a wide variety of award-winning online, interactive applications and software programs. These are:








Learning A-Z (for Reading and Writing)

Go Math/ Math Trainer

Science Dimension

Vocabulary A-Z

Math Wowzers

Science A-Z



N.B.By end of September, 2017 will be receiving an individual username and password for his/her individual account on these platforms together with folders to keep all worksheets and handouts. Your son/daughter will be receiving his/her books, journals, and uniform according to the schedules attached. We thank your cooperation with us on the same.


For English, Language Arts, the school will adopt a Balanced Literacy program in all classes of Primary (Grades 1 to 5) and Middle School (Grades 6 to 8). This is a program which uses both whole language and phonics. The goal of a balanced literacy program is to include the strongest elements of each. The components of a “balanced literacy” approach are as follows: The Read Aloud, Guided Reading, Shared Reading, Interactive Writing, and SharedWriting, Reading Workshop, Writing Workshop and Word Study.

For the Guided Reading at IAS, students will be accessing and using a wide variety of level readers, books, and stories which will be provided by the school. Guided Reading is a small group activity where more of the responsibility belongs to the student. Students read from leveled text. They use the skills directly taught during mini lessons, interactive read aloud and shared reading to increase their comprehension and fluency. The teacher is there to provide prompting and ask questions. Guided reading allows for great differentiation in the classroom. Groups are created around reading levels, and students move up when they note that the entire group is ready. During guided reading time the other students are engaged in reading workstations that reinforce various skills.


All the above-mentioned programs are meant to help the school work systematically and rigorously to reach the following targets as expected by Dubai School Inspection Bureau (DSIB) in KHDA.

1.     Identify students’ starting points

2.     Individualize instruction to accommodate and modify instructional practices and strategies to meet students’ individual needs (Differentiation)

3.     Provide students with well-planned learning opportunities that focus on the development of skills; especially in English, Mathematics, and Science.  

4.     Accelerate students’ progress in all subjects; especially in English, Mathematics, and Science.  

5.     Implement individualized assessment goals to make sure every student progresses according to his/her individual pace and needs

One last note the school is still is waiting to receive books coming from the Ministry of Education (e.g. Arabic, Islamic Studies, Moral Education Program and UAE Social Studies) as they have not yet arrived. They will be started with you once they are delivered to the school. We appreciate your patience with us.

For stationery, students are expected to bring the following supplies to school:

·       2 boxes of pencils

·       2 boxes of coloring pencils

·       2 erasers

·       2 sharpeners

·       2 packets of crayons

·       2 big packs of wet wipes

·       2 packets of whiteboard markers of different colors

·       One small white board for individual student use(This can be found in Daiso)

·       3 UHU Glue Sticks

·       A large t-shirt or paint apron- with your child's name labeled on it

Once again, welcome to the new IAS for academic year 2017-2018. I hope we all succeed in instilling a love for learning in your child that will last throughout his/her years of schooling.  So, let’s work together to make this the happiest and most successful academic year ever!


Thank you for your attention.



Best Regards,


Haleema Karout

School Principal/Superintendent